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Press Angel Commercial / Laundry Services

We specialise in hotel, restaurant and wedding linen, care home laundry, and all workwear we deal with many business sectors each day for their laundry requirements.


Here at Press Angel we have the knowledge and experience in dealing with many businesses, whether your business is a hotel, catering, education, wedding venues or simply managing a local sports team, Press Angel Laundry operate at a high standard of care. We take great pride in the laundry we provide.


We also have the facilities to launder all size of duvets and feathered duvets.

We offer a deep clean, pre-stain treatment and dry fully, to provide the fresh cleanliness you and your clients expect all sized sheet pressed, all items are returned folded, bagged and ready to use.


Commercial Services


•Hotel Bedroom

•Chef Wear


•Sports Kits

•Health Care